Tips on Buying a Tie

Here are some tips that may help you when you go buy a tie:

  • Bring your suit jacket and shirt with you. Try the tie on and see if the color, pattern and texture of the tie fit your suit jacket and shirt.

  • Choose a tie that is cut on the bias, which means the tie is cut across the threads of the cloth diagonally. Wearing ties that are not cut on the bias may not look nice since they turn round instead of going down straight. It is easy to check if a tie is cut on the bias. Just take the narrow end of the tie and hold it up in the air. If the tie goes down straight, it is cut on the bias. If it turns round, you should consider not buying it.

  • Check the quality of the tie. Make sure the tie does not have any loose threads. In particular, pay attention to the first 20-30cm of the wide end since this is the part that is visible to others.

  • Make sure the length of the tie fits your height. If you are tall or if you like tying larger necktie knots, you need a longer tie. You should try the tie on and make sure the tip of the wide end reaches your belt.

  • Make sure the width of the narrow part of the tie is slightly smaller than the height of the collar. The collar should cover the tie completely so that the tie cannot be seen at the back of the collar.

  • If you are preparing for an important occasion, do not go to the tie store at the last minute. You need to leave plenty of time for the tie store to make any necessary alterations or tailoring. For example, if you are very tall, you may want to ask the tailor to lengthen the tie or order a custom-made one.

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